Three Ways to Exercise With Your Kids


Incorporating kid-friendly activities into your training plan yields double the benefits – quality time with your children and a great workout. Although combining endurance training with parenting is easier said than done, here are a few suggestions on how to exercise with your kids, while getting a good workout yourself.

Use a baby jogger with young children.

Taking your kids on a long run is difficult – especially when they can’t yet walk! If you’re an avid runner who dedicates multiple hours each day to training, try toting your child along in a jogging stroller at least once a week. To get your children even more excited about exercise, stop by their favorite park or playground halfway through your route. You’ll get a great workout and your children will develop a healthy relationship with being outdoors and staying active.

Make your workout more difficult.

Want to exercise with your kids, but are afraid of falling short of your fitness goals? Try making some modifications to your activity of choice. For example, if you are throwing a baseball back and forth, use your left hand so you can see what your kid is going through. If you cycle with them, air down your tires and pull 150 pounds in your bike trailer. It’s easy to find ways to boost your training while equalizing your activity to their level.

Turn daily tasks and chores into exercise.

When it comes to working out, you’d be surprised at how much you can burn doing housework. Assign your kids active chores like walking the dog, picking up toys, raking leaves, or gardening. suggests having your kids plant tomatoes and cucumbers in a vegetable garden. Not only is gardening good weight training and can prevent osteoporosis, it also encourages your kids to eat the healthy food that they are growing. To make it fun, try turning on their favorite tunes during chore time – a family dance party is sure to burn off some serious calories.

Get Competitive.

Amidst the big holiday meals and watching your favorite teams vie for the Super Bowl, sticking with your normal exercise routine can be difficult. Make sure to get outside to play a family-friendly game of tag football or participate in your local holiday fun walks/runs. Better yet, make a New Year’s resolution to do at least one family friendly fitness event in 2016. Help someone in need while getting a great workout. Check out our list of top family-friendly fitness events in the U.S.

Good habits of physical activity from an early age are proven to last a lifetime. In a few years, your kids could be running a 5k or mini-marathon right alongside you!

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