Matthew Wyatt

Matt Wyatt
Founder, President and CEO

Matt has professional experience in medical devices, systems, and technologies to maintain and enhance human performance. His passion and experience in health and fitness led to the development of the RF technology.

After contemplating the need for a mobile and comfortable integument for diabetic patients and those undergoing total joint replacement (TJR) procedures, Mr. Wyatt shared his vision with friends and colleagues. His and his peers’ interest in physical fitness led to the early development and market recognition for today’s offering. Mr. Wyatt’s experience began in the creation of the newly-formed spine organization for Synthes USA (now NYSE: JNJ) in 1995, where he served in sales, management and technical roles. He later became involved in the early stages of SpineCore, Inc. during the FDA-regulated multicenter clinical trials of prosthetic vertebral discs. After SpineCore was acquired by Stryker (NYSE:SYK), Mr. Wyatt became involved in the capital raise and co-development of K2M, Inc. in 2005. From 2006 – 2009, his agency was the largest geographic and dollar volume distributor of spinal implants, grossing more than $80 M in sales under his leadership. After Welsh- Carson acquired K2M common stock holders in July 2010, Wyatt negotiated the integration of his distributorship by K2M in December 2010. He was also the co-founder of Tutela Medicus (sold to Paragon Medical in 2007), Nexxt Spine, LLC, a manufacturer and IP holder of internal fixation devices (successful exits in 2013), and AMB Surgical, LLC, intellectual property portfolio (successful exit in 2014). Wyatt holds a B.S. in marketing and counseling psychology.